Direct To Film Printing

Here at Dyehard we pride ourselves in using only the best custom printing technologies for our customers. This is why we recommend direct to film printing, for the leading quality at the best prices.

Our direct to film printing machine in action

Direct to film printing produces vibrant images no matter what colour the fabric is and has no limitations in regards to the shades of colour it can produce. The water based inks used in this method produce prints with excellent stretch and durability in the wash. This printing method is believed to be the only UK supplied water based production printing system of its kind, one of the key factors in making its products Eco friendly.

Direct to film is the most Eco friendly garment printing method of its kind.

All of our custom printing is done in-house by our team with over 45 years experience. Unlike other customisation methods, direct to film allows us to be able to produce beautiful gradients and extremely fine areas of detail.

This method is an amazing breakthrough in custom garment printing technology. Suitable for all types of garments.


Above, you can see an example of a recent job we have done for ‘Mega Blaster World’ using our direct to film printing technique. We love how dazzling the colors shine through even on bright or dark colored garments. This also shows off some of the gorgeous gradients we are able to achieve.

If you are a business looking to outsource your prints we are also here to help! We sell rolls of your graphics ready to be heat pressed by you.

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Our machine is one of just currently around a handful operating for custom garment printing around the UK.

Once you print with direct to film, you wont want to go back! Five star prints at the most competitive rates!

Add an embroidered logo to your custom printed garments as well! See our embroidery page for more details.

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